FJ de Kermadec

FJ de Kermadec is a communications strategist and a certified professional coach.

Hello, I’m FJ. I am one of The Almoners.

I am a communications strategist and a certified professional coach. For over fifteen years, I have been supporting founders, entrepreneurs, and artists as they sharpen their vision and put their best selves forward. We may have met in Paris, London, Brussels, and a handful of cities in the United States.

A layered approach for maximum performance

I coach for clarity

Coaching helps you find answers to the biggest questions about yourself and your business, which helps us develop a resilient brand that speaks your language. Together, we will grow your business around your vision and bring your values to life, for a lifetime.

I consult for conciseness

Businesses large and small thrive on actionable and verifiable advice that can be shared and implemented at all levels of the organisation, as it grows and expands. We will work hand-in-hand to turn your staff and partners into actors of your shared growth.

Questions of trust

What’s my experience?

I have been working as a consultant since 2006 and have been trusted in this capacity by companies large and small, as well as by artists and entrepreneurs. I was certified by an RNCP-listed school as a professional coach in 2017. On the less formal, but no less useful, side of things, I have been recognised by my peers at NLPNL as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Finally, I have been a member of SICPNL, the leading French-speaking NLP coaching organisation, since 2018.

Is coaching for real?

There are many approaches to coaching and no single practitioner can speak to them all. Coaching is a young profession, split into groups that gravitate towards different toolsets and perspectives, all of which aim to facilitate a dynamic, productive, and creative relationship between client and coach. Coaching is not therapy and it is not a substitute for counselling — nor is it a cult. It has helped countless clients own their uniqueness, break through moments of doubt, and make the most of their assets.

Working together

Feel free to reach out confidentially with any questions you may have. For additional privacy, you can encrypt your message with my PGP key. You can also get in touch on LinkedIn, where I keep a detailed and up-to-date resume.

I reply personally to all messages. While existing commitments or conflicts of interest may prevent me from taking on projects in certain industries, I welcome all enquiries.